Thursday, April 5, 2007

From the makers of Accrued Interest... Bond Market Jargon

Hi. I'm TDDG. You may know me from such blogs as Accrued Interest and... well that's it. Anyway, I'm starting a cousin site for posts of bond market jargon. If you've found anything here useful, please visit the main site at I will be using this blog to define bond geek speak I use over there.

I'm not planning on defining a lot of technical terms. Sites like investopedia do a pretty good job of that. This will be more about the jargon, cliches, and slang bond pros use every day. Some of it may be used in other markets or other professions, and some might have slightly different connotations in other markets. I'm focusing entirely on the bond market.

The format will be simple. I'll post the word in the title and the definition in the post. Use the search function to find a work you're looking for. I'll update periodically.


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Anonymous said...

I love the internet. People work hard to produce quality content for me, for free! This is great stuff and I look forward to the more subtle and "inside baseball" bits and pieces.